from the heart of Marmilla

The art of nature

Without the use of pesticides or artificial irrigation

synergic agriculture

la nostra folosofia

Rispetto per la terra e alleanza con la natura.

passion and tradition, True wine Artisans

Harvested on the soft rolling hills of the Marmilla, the vineyards of Cantine Lilliu lie on the age-old highlands of Sa Jara Manna and Sa Jara Pittica (click on the naturalist site), absorbing history and traditions. Respect for the land and strong relationship with nature are the tools used to cultivate the four hectares of vineyard (click on the photos) from which the wines of the Cantina (or Cellar) are made (click on "wines"). Unique products, just like the processing techniques chosen by the company to obtain rich and genuine grapes. After over 15 years of accumulated experience, the Lilliu have chosen to break away from easy labels and usual trends - from "organic" to "natural" - in order to embark on a personal path, intertwining innovation and tradition

Our Wines, the art of the nature

We strongly believe in synergy with Nature as the only way to create wellness. Our approach creates grapes that are pure, vibrant and intense. Then, it is simply about delivering the best expression to that fruit from our vines to your glass.


Marmilla is the beautiful territory where the business of Cantina Lilliu thrives on, where the vines grow in the Ussaramanna farm. A corner of Sardinia full of elements destined to last over time. Here lies the majestic Nuragica palace of Barumini that continues to whisper the mysteries of the Bronze Age. Here Eleanor of Arborea had one of her castles erected, still standing today and bearing evidence of the island's Middle Ages: with its Giudicati, it illuminated a dark era. Here the horses of the Giara di Gesturi, Sa Jara Manna run free: live fossils that have galloped throughout the centuries, protected by a highland that tells us of a world of ten thousand years ago. The most remote roots of an ancestral island are embedded here. Because it is right here in Sardinia that the DNA of the first human beings is preserved. An island whereby the most archaic traditions and the most uncontaminated landscapes still resist.

News & Updates

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22 DICEMBRE 2018

Il 22 Dicembre dalle 15 alle 19 saremo lieti di aprire le porte della nostra piccola cantina a tutti i visitatori curiosi di partecipare ad una nostra degustazione guidata.

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giganti e vini Lilliu
17 marzo 2014

Circa quarant’anni fa un agricoltore al lavoro nelle campagne di Sa Marigosa a Cabras, scoprì casualmente ventotto colossali sculture di sorprendente interesse.…

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galĂ  dinner
5 maggio 2016

Dall'unione del PANTUMAS, cannonau vinificato in bianco e delle Ostriche allevate magistralmente nel golfo di Tortolì, nasce questa bella serata dedicata agli…

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