Respect for the land and strong relationship with nature

on the soft rolling hills of the Marmilla

Harvested on the soft rolling hills of the Marmilla, the vineyards of Cantine Lilliu lie on the age-old highlands of Sa Jara Manna and Sa Jara Pittica, absorbing history and traditions. Respect for the land and strong relationship with nature are the tools used to cultivate the four hectares of vineyard from which the wines of the Cellar are made. Unique products, just like the processing techniques chosen by the company to obtain rich and genuine grapes. After over 15 years of accumulated experience, the Lilliu have chosen to break away from easy labels and usual trends, from "organic" to "natural", in order to embark on a personal path, intertwining innovation and tradition. Convinced that good wine starts from the vineyard, the Lilliu do not buy grapes nor musts. They only work on their bunches that ripen thanks to the synergic agriculture techniques of dry farming. Without the use of pesticides, herbicides or artificial irrigation, the company's vineyards are nourished and protected from other plants. It is precisely in spring that they cover the groves between the rows with a turf capable of releasing water and nutrients, precious for the grapes and for the soil. Vineyards cared for with patience, wisdom and passion. Elements that are found in wines completely devoid of chemical residues, as certified by the quality tests, and by the refined flavors.

Unique, like the land from which they grow out of: Sardinia.

synergic agriculture

The principle of synergic agriculture lies in the ability that plants have to help each other and to nourish the soil that holds them. During the growth and ripening process each and every plant gives back precious nutrients to the soil made up of exuded radicals, organic residues, useful microorganisms and good bacteria. By following this natural tendency, it is thus possible to obtain sustainable agriculture without chemicals or soil mistreatment. Just what Cantina Lilliu carries on in its vineyards where the vines, together with the vast variety of spontaneous weeds and leguminous crops, sown in alternate years among the rows, nourish and take care of the soil that, in return, gives the most tasty grapes, richer and more resistant to pathogens.

sustainable agriculture without chemicals or soil mistreatment

Cantina Lilliu does not use any chemical products: no herbicides, no pesticides and no artificial fertilizers. The vineyards are cared for and attended with natural strategies that protect and strengthen the plant. Like in a sort of homeopathic remedy, the company's farmers apply a seaweed solution to the vine leaves. A precious gift from the sea that creates a protective coating capable of rejecting the most aggressive sun rays, which would burn the plant, by filtering only the positive energy that makes the vine stronger and healthier.

100% chemical-free

And it is always respect for nature, combined with the in-depth knowledge of its mechanisms, to have suggested another technique to the experts of Cantina Lilliu, a technique capable of supporting the immune system of vines. This also has a zero impact. The vineyards are treated with trichoderma and mycorrhize, sprayed directly on the leaves. These are two types of fungi that establish a positive mutual symbiosis with the plant. A relationship that guarantees a necessary sustenance to the first budding leaves and phosphorus and nutrients to the already existing vines. These fungi release good parasites that, in addition, are also antagonists of pathogenic fungi. Therefore the harmful parasites are naturally kept far from the plants which are nourished and strengthened by trichoderma and mycorrhize.