The robust and hearty red

Biazzu is the robust and hearty red of Cantina Lilliu

Among the first wines to be produced, it is a wine of international connotations but well-rooted in Sardinia. The Biazzu is a blend of Cannonau and Bovale (Sardinian) with Cabernet Souvignon, Merlot and Syrah (French), which enhance its strength and solidity. Just like a well-tuned orchestra, diversity becomes an added value capable of emanating a unique and consistent melody that enhances every element of taste. All the vines are balanced out with each other because they are all cultivated under the Marmilla sun by a company that does not buy grapes nor musts but only processes its own bunches. Artisans of taste, the experts of Cantina Lilliu have managed to obtain a wine that perfectly reflects its name: Biazzu, which in archaic Sardinian means sturdy, in good health.

Maturing: 4 mesi acciaio a bassa temperatura e 4 mesi in bottiglia.

Tasting notes: Fruttato, floreale,molto persistente,fresco, retrogusto molto persistente.

Pairing: Ostriche, crudità di pesce e molluschi, carni bianche,formaggi a pasta molle ed erborinati delicati.

Serving temperature: 7° C.

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