the Cannonau vinified in white

Pantumas is the Cannonau vinified in white of Cantina Lilliu

 A special and unique wine. It is light in color even if it's obtained from black grapes only. The secret of the Pantumas is in its very special processing technique  that uses only the free-run must, the most noble part of the grapes, processed without the marc. Hence the light color - which varies according to the vintage, and the high concentration of the most noble tannins. The result is a wine that combines the freshness, acidity and floral aromas of great white wines with the body and persistence of quality red ones. There are so many combinations for this wine: served at 7°C, the Pantumas is ideal with oysters and raw seafood. It is also great with cold cuts and cheeses.

Maturing: 4 mesi acciaio a bassa temperatura e 4 mesi in bottiglia.

Tasting notes: Fruttato, floreale,molto persistente,fresco, retrogusto molto persistente.

Pairing: Ostriche, crudità di pesce e molluschi, carni bianche,formaggi a pasta molle ed erborinati delicati.

Serving temperature: 7° C.

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